Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review of Chapter 25 - 'No Love'

Reviews of an excerpt from "The City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor"

I do understand, reading the little(excerpt) that you gave me, in my mind it's a start from the beginning stage. With the characters I see pictures (drawings)for the youth. I think you have a hit(something big). I'm a visual person, I see a series starting with youth. This world is dark if you don't understand what is true. So many times we start off with fairy tales and believe that the fairy godmother will bring us something good or Santa Claus will be here to give us our favorite whatever. And the whispers tell us to believe what they are whispering to us and we get caught up for a long time. And then along comes a Biranda Sims-Kirkpatrick and pushes the envelope and the ones who have been asleep reads your series and "WHOA, STOP THE PRESS"! I can relate to what I'm reading. Don't get me wrong my sister this is your thunder, I'm feeling it from my perspective. It's Sunday School all over again, it's home school learning, it's book club news, it's role playing for all that see your vision.... I'm becoming a fan....
Rodney B. Ellis- Washington, DC

I didn't get it at first. But after you started talking about Guardians and Shiners, I got interested. Then when the author introduces himself as Rip, I got intrigued to know what was gonna happen next. Who is this Rip, and what's his purpose. If it turns out that Rip is like a grim reaper of some sort, then I'll be extra interested. But if he's not the villain, with a name like Rip, I'd be sort of disappointed.... Good luck! I can't wait to read it all!
Janethia Traylor-Lee- Dallas, TX

Very nice and good, can't wait to read more.Actually what I got from reading it was more on spiritual a nature.
Shunta Price- Texas City, TX

The excerpt from "The City of the Guardians" was a good read for me. I can see Rip and I know Rip sees me. Too bad we don't get a taste of Stilo to balance this terrible "anti-Guardian" Rip. I am interested. I am listening for Stilo. You can bet people will be listening for the other characters. Good... a little scary, but good.
Tuffy- DeSoto, TX

I like it... Interesting way of delivering a good Word...I'm sure this will be very successful. What I've read, I'm proud of you. Displaying your God-given talent and those strong AMEC roots...
Lowell Sanders- Camden, Arkansas

Good versus evil; those little nagging voices that we all hear. "The City of the Guardians" illustrates vividly through rhetoric how these little voices play a role in our everyday lives. Strategically placing certain human emotions with these guardians the story tells a tale of how we all fight to listen to the good and not the evil. The guardians bring the human emotions alive and draw you in; leaving you wanting to learn about the other characters and guardians.

Amanda Snyder-Mesquite, TX

What a creative and gripping way to open human beings eyes to the 'nudges' and 'whispers' that we encounter every day. From the moment Rip introduced himself by name, I instantly wanted to read more. A true and honest story about right and wrong, and who we are listening to in our decision making.

Dorian Walker-Jordan- McKinney, TX

I find this excerpt to be so real to the world that we live in. I too can relate to the little whispers that tend to occur from time to time. We are living in the age of advanced technology where if one does not recognize those whispers they will easily be misled. I know this book will Inspire the lives of all ages. I am excited about the publishing of this book and know that it will Impact the lives of many.  
Margie Lee- DeSoto, TX

Well thought out characters. Specifically, I enjoyed the exploration of the "Whispers".  This excerpt made me ponder the question "are your choices truly yours?" Once getting to the end, I wanted to keep reading to learn about Rip.  He sounds like he could be a beast.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  I can not wait to support you when your book is available for the public.
Sheree Maeweather- Little Rock, Arkansas

I thought it was pretty good you touched on some things that are known but never talked about. I liked it.
Mrs. Stewart- Little Rock, Arkansas

I just finished reading the excerpt u sent me. It was fantastic. From the beginning u caught my attention. The foreword was a great explanation of what was going on. Splendid job, I look forward to reading the entire masterpiece!!!!!!
Much love -E-

I just read it & it did keep my interest! Good job! Send me more....I'll give you all the support! Love you cuz! So proud of you!
LaKisha Yarbrough- El Paso, TX

I just got done reading and am feeling the whole concept! I don't read books often but will most definitely be reading this book
It's gonna capture people from the beginning.
Malik Scott- Ft. Worth, TX

Very interesting, science fiction/ reality thing going on!!!! The guardians with a dose of realism!!! Go cuz!!
Kenneth Yarbrough-Camden, Arkansas

I been trying to find out why these youngsters act like they do and I think you've found it!! I love it tho girl I'm interested..
Rico Porchia

At first looking at the title I thought this may be something I may not like, "The City of the Guardians" but after reading the introduction, I must say I am very intrigued about how this story will develop and end.  I like the way each character is described.  The description is very crafty and well thought out, even makes sense logically. There is a lot of truth about the little voices that are called guardians.  This story is very imaginative and brings out the curiosity of wanting to read more to find out how these guardians fight among each other and how the good can out weigh the bad.  I can't  wait to read more to see how these guardians operate!
LaVonne Hamby-Ft. Worth, TX

I LIKE THIS.......this really makes you think about the choices we make, have made, or plan on making regarding our lives.  As I was reading, I had several reflections of my own life and decisions that I made.  This is going to be your first of many #1 sellers!!!!!!!-I'm excited for u.
Kahlil Watkins-Little Rock, Arkansas

This snippet caught and kept my attention....I think that many people will be able to relate to this, especially those who have spiritual and religious beliefs and practices. I for one would easily relate and I consider these soft whispers my angels and God's Grace and Mercy!!
Dr. W-Raleigh, North Carolina

Wow...  "No Love"  is an awesome chapter.  It was very dark but real, the way life is.  The whispers are something that we all can relate to and have experienced in the past.  It really makes you sit back and think about the energy that you have around you and how it all can come together and influence your behavior on a day to day basis.  I am really looking forward to reading this wonderful book when it comes out.  The author has really planned and structured the story very well.   Awesome!!!!
Larry Warren, Consultant-Addison, TX

This book is full of wisdom and truth! It speaks to the soul of a person. The City of Guardians help readers to identify “the voices” that are with them everyday – some good – some bad, but that are there! The dynamics of the chapters pulls the reader in, by providing transparency into the thoughts and rationale of the “why” people do what they do! We make choices daily, based on that inner man – based on “that voice” that told us to, but now thanks to The City of Guardians we are more knowledgeable and we know the purpose of each, their names, and their mission! We are in position to submit to that voice, which has come to give us life and life more abundantly or we must get in position to take authority and rebuke that voice which has to come to kill, steal, and destroy us!
Thank you Biranda for your caring and compassionate spirit, which has led you to help deliver and direct the people into their destiny!
Kamekio Lewis, Author, Entrepreneur, Playwrighter-Memphis, TN

From the beginning of the foreword my interest was piqued! We all have heard these whispers, and to be able to delve into their possibilities is exciting in itself! I can't wait to see how the story of the Guardians unfolds, to see the havoc that Rip is sure to unleash on the unsuspecting. This book is definitely a must - read! 
Tiffany Green-Hunter, Lonoke, Arkanasas

Thank you for sharing this foreword and chapter with me.
I'm very intrigued with your story as I must admit that I often get a nagging voice; don't go that way, do this, do that. Wait! And of course I'll (we'll) never know the outcome of my (our) opposite reactions - as I (we) cannot live my (our) life(ves) twice?
I like to think we have guardians who watch over us, but then why do bad things happen?
So maybe after reading your story we will find the answers...
I thought your suggestion; about the ease at which the bad guardians can influence modern society, could be true and is a reflection on how our societies are sadly (de)evolving.
I look forward to interacting with your characters - on both sides of the coin - and joining them on their adventures.
Thank you for you kind and encouraging review of my debut short story - 'Faithful' the first in 'A mid-life' series.
I wish you all the very best and every success with your literary adventure!
Bless you.
Steve X, Author-England,UK