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***Book Review*** for NightLife New York by Travis Luedke

I sadly anticipated the last page of this book, I just couldn't wait to write this review!
This was the second Vampire novel I read so it had a lot to live up, of course comparing it to my experience with Twilight. I didn't feel anything could come close to that series, but I was pleasantly surprised. The cover makes your wondering eye stop and take notice of the figure and background layout. I was kind of expecting something cheesy and revisited.

But I was instantly connected to the main character, Aaron Pilan. He seemed so relatable, maybe because I used to wait tables and understand what it's like to want the night to end as quickly as possible, hopefully with a pocket full of 10's and 20's. The action starts almost immediately, gently ushering your mind to the explosion of what happens next!

Hurry up eyes and mind, read, read, read. I couldn't wait to get to the next paragraph, sensing that Author Travis Luedke wouldn't disappoint. He gives just enough to keep you coming back and then lets you settle down a little bit in order to gain some vital information about the characters Aaron and Michelle.

He takes you there and leaves you wanting more. I couldn't believe I was so drawn into the characters lives, needs and wants. It was a little scary. Love, passion, otherworldly. Not once did I want to stop reading this book. I can't wait to get my hands on the next one. I need it ASAP.

I would recommend this book to all book lovers, it's worth it.

The Bee Count: 9

1-3 Bee’s => Sorry I read it
4-5 Bee’s=> I found watching paint dry more exciting
6-7 Bee’s=> Congrats on Publishing a book
8 Bee’s => Very Good Book, Would Recommend it!
9 Bee’s=>Extremely Glad I read It!! & can’t wait to talk about it on my Internet Radio Show (The Honey Hour,
10 Bee’s=> I can’t breath, I want more, RIGHT NOW!

Author & Reviewer, Bee L. Kirk

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

***Book Review*** for The Bad Parent by Dominique Wilkins

I really enjoy reading and reviewing books. I always look forward to learning something new, experiencing a different aspect of life. I'm an avid FB visitor, ie, Book Clubs and the likes so when I seen the title and blurb for 'Bad Parent', I downloaded it.

The title made me feel a certain kind of way, like maybe I could relate to the story because I sometimes feel like I'm not the ''Best" parent in the world. I always feel like I could do better, so I was open to the Authors attempt to relay their message.

'The Bad Parent" by Dominiqe Wilkins is a story about a single mother struggling to work and maintain her sainity while doing it. One of her children is hyper active and suffering from an attention deficent disorder, one that causes him to lose his composure and disrupt his class while at school.

I expected to read a more intriguing story but was left wanting and questioning the message of the book. It took me a week and half to read the book because it didn't grab my attention. I finished it because, I never start a book and not read it completely.

The subject matter could have proved to be a great starting point for a very good conversation but lacked the depth needed to pull the reader in. It always felt like I was being forced to read it, instead of wanting to get to the next page.

Dominique Wilkins attempt to convey a thought provoking story is note worthy and I would read her work again, but 'Bad Parent' didn't do it for me. I look forward to reading some of her other work.

The Bee Count: 6

1-3 Bee’s => Sorry I read it
4-5 Bee’s=> I found watching paint dry more exciting
6-7 Bee’s=> Congrats on Publishing a book
8 Bee’s => Very Good Book, Would Recommend it!
9 Bee’s=>Extremely Glad I read It!! & can’t wait to talk about it on my Internet Radio Show (The Honey Hour,

10 Bee’s=> I can’t breath, I want more, RIGHT NOW!

Author, Bee L. Kirk

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

***Book Review*** for Miss Perfect by Nicole Dunlap

Oh My Goodness, just writing this review makes me regret reading the end of this Saga.
It’s my hope that Author Nicole Dunlap finds a way to keep The Shaw Family Saga going for another three books, at least!

Miss Perfect has a way of bringing to light issues that can be found in the lives of anyone with past regrets. The secrets we keep are often our downfall and this book has a plenty.

I’m going to try my best to avoid any spoilers.

Drama, love, mystery, sensuality and personal demons are all collectively entangled in the conclusion of Raven Shaw’s tumultuous life. She continues to try and come to terms with her mother and the Love of her life, all the while attempting not to make the same mistakes with her daughter that her mother, Charlene made with her.

Miss Perfect allows you to live through her troubled soul, on the verge of finding happiness. The suspense kept me guessing and second guessing and playing out what I wanted to happen in my mind.
I would highly recommend The Shaw Family Saga to anyone who wanted an adventure of human, emotional triumphs and disappointments.

The Bee Count: 9

1-3 Bee’s => Sorry I read it
4-5 Bee’s=> I found watching paint dry more exciting
6-7 Bee’s=> Congrats on Publishing a book
8 Bee’s => Very Good Book, Would Recommend it!
9 Bee’s=>Extremely Glad I read It!! & can’t wait to talk about it on my Internet Radio Show (The Honey Hour,

10 Bee’s=> I can’t breath, I want more, RIGHT NOW!

Author, Bee L. Kirk

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***Book Review for Women R Stupid & Men R the Reason***

Women are Stupid? 
Okay, Steven Barthell, you better have something good to back that up.
“And Men R the Reason,”...okay, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

This debut novel touches on some very intricate and touchy subjects. Of course with a title like that, one can’t really pass it up. So, my next question is, ”Will the title live up to the substance contained inside the pages and chapters?”

I am able to report with a resounding YES, it does. Although, this book speaks to a lot of the problems the black community faces, there’s advice and knowledge for all races. The author of this book gives you examples from his own life which shows a vulnerability to reach out and connect to his reader.

“Women R Stupid & Men R The Reason,” has well placed moments of laughter, giving you the opportunity to reflect on some of your own experiences. The "LNU" chapter made me laugh out load for about 5 minutes straight. This is a University whose attendance has exploded within the past decade, unfortunately. You have to read the book to get more information on admittance.

I would definitely recommend this book and highly anticipate the follow up book, “Sex, Love and Pain.”

The Bee Count: 9
1-3 Bee’s => Sorry I read it
4-5 Bee’s=> I found watching paint dry more exciting
6-7 Bee’s=> Congrats on Publishing a book
8 Bee’s => Very Good Book, Would Recommend it!
9 Bee’s=>Extremely Glad I read It!! & can’t wait to talk about it on my Internet Radio Show (The Honey Hour,
10 Bee’s=> I can’t breath, I want more, RIGHT NOW!

Bee L. Kirk, Author & Reviewer
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

***Hair Salon Review***

My 'Bloody Image' Experience

Going to the beauty shop can be a joyful event or a nightmare of epic proportions. I've had both. There have been times when I walked out of a salon hoping it burned down in the middle of the night and times when I was truly impressed with the outcome of my 4 hour stint. Still, I was always in search of the one place that would encompass all that 'I' thought a beauty salon should be. Great customer service, clean environment, commitment to the craft, classiness and a God gifted beautician.

Well, I found all these qualities and more at 'Bloody Image High Fashion Salon' located at 3107 Commerce in Dallas; where owner & master beautician, Coffney McDonald is changing the lives of everyone who walks into her establishment.

'Bloody Image' is nuzzled on a quiet street in the infamous Deep Ellum area. It stands out from the other buildings due to the fashionable d├ęcor waiting to greet you even before you enter. Upon walking through the doors of 'Bloody Image', I was greeted immediately and professionally. Renzy, the Salon Coordinator, approached me by name and adorned me with their signature cape, whisking me off to the back to begin the process of beautifying me. Let me break it down for you, I didn't have to wait 30-45 minutes to be seen. Anyone who's ever visited a salon, knows this is remarkable in and of itself.

Once in the back, I couldn't help but to take in the classiness of the salon. There were several different styles of chairs waiting to envelop your being, while crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling in the towel room. Really? Yes, Really. I felt like I was in Glamtown, USA. Bright yellow walls encased opposite sides of each other while 2 thick, airbrushed lines of red punctuated another wall underneath a mirror. A heart shaped mirror added the feminine touch of the lively and vivid space.

I don't know if I've ever been so excited to give a review as I am right now. I've worked in customer service for years and know how it should be done. So, to have Renzy offering me water and making sure I was comfortable was a pleasure. Ok, back to the experience. Rose, the shampoo assistant, promptly beckoned for me to come and sit at her bowl. After I was seated, she placed a towel around my neck and washed my hair. When she was done, I noticed that my collar wasn't wet. This little aspect should be duly noted. The times I've left the beauty shop with a wet shirt are too numerous to count. She did a great job. Rose then wrapped my hair, leaving me under the dryer to await my time in the Chair.

The whole time I was there, I couldn't help but to tell Coffney how beautiful her shop was and how impressed I was with the hairstyles I'd seen on her Instagram Page which is _Coffey.
"Coffney, this is gorgeous. You are so gifted, I love the hairstyles on Instagram!" I said. The whole time, she only smiled humbly. She's still the same Coffney from Camden-Fairview High School.

My services included a wash, cut & style, costing me $100. Before you say, 'Child, that's too much money!" let me say this. I don't care if you have to save $20 a pay check, bake & sell some bean pies, or get a part time job with the circus, pay it! It is worth every dime and then some.

Do yourself and your hair a favor, call Coffney @ 214-566-8251 or Renzy @ 972-365-7838.
Look at her hairstyles on Instagram, _Coffey or FB @

Bee L. Kirk

***Restaurant Review***

***Restaurant Review***
Pollo Salsa
709 W Pioneer Pkwy
Grand Prairie

While in Grand Prairie, TX yesterday, I decided to have lunch with my youngest but couldn't decide where to go. A well thought-out sign reading Pollo Salsa caught my eye, so we stopped. There were about 6-7 cars in the parking lot which is a sign that people frequent the restaurant. Once inside, I was greeted by a very nice lady who was patient as I tried to decipher the menu. I love Tex Mex; I am almost sure that I could eat it everyday, so choosing between quesadilla's or taco's or burritos is always a daunting task. After about 10 minutes I decided on the Chicken Burrito with a side of Chile Con Queso. I then told her **fajita** chicken instead of the regular, to which she nodded 'yes'.The tables were clean and the atmosphere, pleasant. My little one and I found a seat and only waited about 5 minutes before it was ready.
The set up was nice: a heaping dollup of guac and sour cream on top of a savory green bed of lettuce only separated by a perfectly ripened red tomato. I couldn't wait to dig in, but due to my slight OCD-ish tick I had to investigate the inside of the burrito. And to my utter dismay, there was no Fajita Chicken to be found. I said, "I'll let her make it," and did not take the food back. They had taken a regular piece of chicken and cut it up, skin and all. I had to pick all the skin, veins, gristle, etc. out of the burrito, which was slowly disgusting me to the point of no return. After I felt I had picked 100% of it out, I folded it back and cut into it. The first bite was...uneventful, like biting air. I told myself "I can make this work." So, I put a little salt on it and took another bite and I think my heart stopped. I had bitten down on something hard.(UGGGGHHHHH) AND IT WAS STUCK IN BETWEEN TWO OF MY BACK TEETH.
I have never fought the urge to throw up so bad. After dislodging the unknown chicken anatomy from my teeth, I found that it was a piece of gristle I had missed earlier. And the burrito itself had an after taste. The chile con queso was un-enjoyable due to the fact that I was still gagging.

My little one had french frys, which he seemed to enjoyed. The best thing about Pollo Salsa was the Strawberry Fanta drink I had and somehow, it was mediocre.
Total Bill was $12.14

On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 1.
Drive, walk, cycle, or roll past Pollo Salsa.
Bee L. Kirk

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review for Jumping Ship by Janice Ross

Review for Jumping Ship by Janice Ross

This story starts off teasing you with an array of questions that will lead you into the heart of the beloved plot. Jumping Ship touches on several important and morally salient topics. They range from domestic abuse and marital delusion to adultery and treachery. The author does an astounding job of reeling you into the lives of Edward & Pearl Riley, she makes you feel like you know a couple just like them. Then, Jumping Ship introduces you to three of the most indelible characters of the book, Pet, Roger and Mickey.

You will be able to feel the pain and agony that Pet experiences while trying to keep her sanity. At times I wished I could talk to the character Pet, and give her some advice. I also wanted to be that friend that would listen without judgement. The suspenseful question of, "What will happen to them," is always in the back of you mind. The build up of the plot will keep you reading till the very end. I’m ready to inhale the next installment of the Island Hopping Series by Janice Ross.

Bee L. Kirk, Author of City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor

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Review for War Angles by Keith Kareem Williams

You know, I wasn't very cognizant of what to expect by looking at the cover of War Angels. I had seen it on FB plenty of times, read some excerpts and knew a little about the Author.  I eventually asked Keith Kareem Williams to be a guest on The Honey Hour ( and he obliged.
He was a wonderful guest, answering all my questions with a thorough sense of why I was asking them. 
Needless to say, it was one of the best interviews I have ever done. I knew I had to read what this masterful conversationalist had to say, so I went to & purchased the e-Book for my kindle @ $4.99, and then my reading life took a turn.

I wanted to read War Angels because I support Indie Authors, like myself and because he had given me an hour of his life. I didn’t expect to be entranced by the storyline, characters, hidden secrets or overall thought process it took to come up with a story like this.

The story starts off with an eruption of excitement and danger; I didn’t know why, which kept me glued to the book. This was the first book I had ever read on my phone (kindle app) and I kept it close to me so I could sneak in a chapter or two when I wasn’t chasing my two year old around the house or writing.

Lenox, ok, his name is so fitting. He is one of the main characters and delivers in more ways than you can imagine. War Angels is not a total Erotica book, there are erotic parts but they don’t take you away from the basis of the story, which is love, lies, deceit, danger, redemption & a little something you're not expecting ( I don't want to give it away).

War Angels by Keith Kareem Williams will leave you gasping for air and only hoping to find it at the end of the book. I am optimistic there will be a part 2 because there is an abundance of more to give.
Author Bee L. Kirk

Author, Keith Kareem Williams

Review for Miss Scandalous by Nicole Dunlap (Shaw Family Saga Part 2)

First Miss Nobody took me for a ride of hope, sadness and mischief. Next, Miss Scandalous evokes the passion of forbidden love, deception and the yearning to do better. Raven is constantly at battle with her mind and her heart. Wanting the best for her daughter, Royeal, all the while plotting against the man who helped bring her life to fruition.

The exotic, well rounded and established Jon, Raven’s Love,  is who she desires but at what cost? Choosing Love or Revenge is her plight and living with the consequences is only the beginning.
We also get to see the evolution of a mother/daughter relationship that was never really established. The disfunction of this family is being ushered into another Generation of women and Nicole Dunlap leaves the door open for either a happy ending or a sad and unfortunate resolution.

As a reader, I want to learn something new or experience something different when I read a book. I want laugh at a joke I've never heard, cry at a situation I could never imagine or, wonder what I would do in that situation. Miss Scandalous delivers on all points. You won’t be able to see what Raven will do next.
I’m just glad she’s fictional, or is she?

Author, Bee L. Kirk

Author, Nicole Dunlap