Saturday, September 14, 2013

***Hair Salon Review***

My 'Bloody Image' Experience

Going to the beauty shop can be a joyful event or a nightmare of epic proportions. I've had both. There have been times when I walked out of a salon hoping it burned down in the middle of the night and times when I was truly impressed with the outcome of my 4 hour stint. Still, I was always in search of the one place that would encompass all that 'I' thought a beauty salon should be. Great customer service, clean environment, commitment to the craft, classiness and a God gifted beautician.

Well, I found all these qualities and more at 'Bloody Image High Fashion Salon' located at 3107 Commerce in Dallas; where owner & master beautician, Coffney McDonald is changing the lives of everyone who walks into her establishment.

'Bloody Image' is nuzzled on a quiet street in the infamous Deep Ellum area. It stands out from the other buildings due to the fashionable d├ęcor waiting to greet you even before you enter. Upon walking through the doors of 'Bloody Image', I was greeted immediately and professionally. Renzy, the Salon Coordinator, approached me by name and adorned me with their signature cape, whisking me off to the back to begin the process of beautifying me. Let me break it down for you, I didn't have to wait 30-45 minutes to be seen. Anyone who's ever visited a salon, knows this is remarkable in and of itself.

Once in the back, I couldn't help but to take in the classiness of the salon. There were several different styles of chairs waiting to envelop your being, while crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling in the towel room. Really? Yes, Really. I felt like I was in Glamtown, USA. Bright yellow walls encased opposite sides of each other while 2 thick, airbrushed lines of red punctuated another wall underneath a mirror. A heart shaped mirror added the feminine touch of the lively and vivid space.

I don't know if I've ever been so excited to give a review as I am right now. I've worked in customer service for years and know how it should be done. So, to have Renzy offering me water and making sure I was comfortable was a pleasure. Ok, back to the experience. Rose, the shampoo assistant, promptly beckoned for me to come and sit at her bowl. After I was seated, she placed a towel around my neck and washed my hair. When she was done, I noticed that my collar wasn't wet. This little aspect should be duly noted. The times I've left the beauty shop with a wet shirt are too numerous to count. She did a great job. Rose then wrapped my hair, leaving me under the dryer to await my time in the Chair.

The whole time I was there, I couldn't help but to tell Coffney how beautiful her shop was and how impressed I was with the hairstyles I'd seen on her Instagram Page which is _Coffey.
"Coffney, this is gorgeous. You are so gifted, I love the hairstyles on Instagram!" I said. The whole time, she only smiled humbly. She's still the same Coffney from Camden-Fairview High School.

My services included a wash, cut & style, costing me $100. Before you say, 'Child, that's too much money!" let me say this. I don't care if you have to save $20 a pay check, bake & sell some bean pies, or get a part time job with the circus, pay it! It is worth every dime and then some.

Do yourself and your hair a favor, call Coffney @ 214-566-8251 or Renzy @ 972-365-7838.
Look at her hairstyles on Instagram, _Coffey or FB @

Bee L. Kirk