Monday, September 2, 2013

Review for Miss Scandalous by Nicole Dunlap (Shaw Family Saga Part 2)

First Miss Nobody took me for a ride of hope, sadness and mischief. Next, Miss Scandalous evokes the passion of forbidden love, deception and the yearning to do better. Raven is constantly at battle with her mind and her heart. Wanting the best for her daughter, Royeal, all the while plotting against the man who helped bring her life to fruition.

The exotic, well rounded and established Jon, Raven’s Love,  is who she desires but at what cost? Choosing Love or Revenge is her plight and living with the consequences is only the beginning.
We also get to see the evolution of a mother/daughter relationship that was never really established. The disfunction of this family is being ushered into another Generation of women and Nicole Dunlap leaves the door open for either a happy ending or a sad and unfortunate resolution.

As a reader, I want to learn something new or experience something different when I read a book. I want laugh at a joke I've never heard, cry at a situation I could never imagine or, wonder what I would do in that situation. Miss Scandalous delivers on all points. You won’t be able to see what Raven will do next.
I’m just glad she’s fictional, or is she?

Author, Bee L. Kirk

Author, Nicole Dunlap