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Melodie Ramon Interviews a Character from City of the Guardians...The characters name is RIP

City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor is a story that gives a voice to some of the emotions we experience as humans. We have all dealt with Hate, Hope, Jealousy and Love. If these emotions could speak, what would they say? How would they feel about us and the things we find important? Rip is the voice of Rage in City of the Guardians and Melodie Ramon agreed to interview him. The next 5 minutes will make you think...a little differently. Shout out to Melodie for agreeing to this...unsettling interview.
1. Hello, Rage. You and I are old friends. Remember the time I listened to you in family court and got held in contempt? That was funny and you totally kept me company, too,  while I was sitting in the tank for six hours. Granted, you didn't do me any favors, but it makes for a good story now. Anyway, most people give you a bad rap, but I find you fascinating. I really want to know something about you, something deep. How does it feel to be powerless against those who deny you?
First off, my name isn’t Rage, it’s Rip. Rage happens to be the emotion that I’m able to bring out in people the easiest. Secondly, I immensely enjoyed the tantrum you threw in family court, it was actually the highlight of my day. While most people try to remain calm and rational in front of the judge, you just let it all out. (Laughing) It was quite pleasurable to see someone listening to me so intently. I wanted your chances of winning to be zero. I wanted you to walk away feeling like the loser that you are and you did just that. And in the future, don’t look for me to do you any favors. That’s not my job, my job is to make the worst come out of you. I want all the pushed aside emotion to come bubbling out at the most inopportune time.

2. What is your ultimate goal? If you destroy humanity, what will you do then?
My ultimate goal is to see everyone destroy everyone else. I have no future and misery is the only thing I want for humanity.

3. What do you say to the people who believe that Rage only is the result of deep emotional pain and can't exist without it? Do you consider Pain to be a parent of sorts?
I would say that I agree with that. I am at the root of every child who’s ever been molested or abused in some way. I am the starting point for all the bullied kids in school. I fester in the mind of the heart sick lover. Pain is necessary but I am not. I can be resisted. Pain is there to cause one to grow, to experience, and learn from their personal test. The result of pain is usually a learned lesson, a stronger core, a sense of being.

4. How does it make you feel when people use you as a catalyst for good? As in, the outrage that often follows a seemingly senseless act of violence is often followed by an outpouring of human kindness and unity. How do you respond to that?  
It doesn’t matter what the outpouring is after someone has lost it and killed. The key is to stop me before the act itself. But most people today are so wrapped up in themselves, they’re not concerned with helping the less fortunate. As long as they have their electrical devices and inflated egos, they could care less if one of their fellow brethren is in need. Fine by me, makes my job easier. To finish answering your question, hopefully the outpouring is the result of someone dying. If so my job is done. On to the next one. End of Story.

5. You may try to deny this, but it's a well known fact that you can be immediately dispatched by love. Both of you are very strong entities. Do you ever work together for a balance or is it just a constant war between you?
No we don’t work together (sigh). I have no desire to cooperate with good. That’s Stilo’s department and I leave him to it. We try to stay out of each others’ way but every now and again, a common interest brings us together. This thing with Alex Honor is the perfect example. I want him and so does Stilo.

6. What is the difference between you and hate?
Hate(Hurl) doesn’t like something or someone. He’s just a very disgruntled being, for lots of different reasons.
I am Hate x10. I am that heat you feel on your face when a loved one has been hurt. I am the shake of your hands when you can’t control your emotions of hurt and pain. I am that low rumble in the back of your mind every time someone cuts you off in traffic. I’m the sickening, dry throat you got when you found out your boyfriend was cheating on you.

7. Any last thoughts you'd like to share?
If there was one thing I could say to every human being on this planet, I would begrudgingly say this, “Calm down. If you knew what I knew and could see what I’ve see, you’d never even contemplate suicide or murder. You would take everyday for what it was worth and find a way to make it work. And stop complaining.”

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Guest Blog by Adrienne Thompson

Divorced nurse and single mom, Marli Meadows, finds herself stuck in a rut. She’s tired of her life and decides to leave it behind and embark on a search for change. What she finds instead, is love.

From Chapter 14, “The Sweetest Taboo”:
I shrugged, thinking to myself that he was crazy and that anyone who saw us would think we were both crazy. I took his hand and let him pull me into his arms. With his phone sitting on the roof of his car providing the music, we danced beneath the stars on the hospital parking lot. I closed my eyes and thought to myself that I loved the way his arms felt around me. Just like he said, I was a perfect fit—we were a perfect fit for each other.
I opened my eyes and looked up at his face. His eyes were closed as he mouthed the words to the song, and he looked so handsome. I reached up and gently caressed his cheek, letting my fingers fall to graze his neck. I wanted to kiss him so badly. I always wanted to kiss him.  I couldn’t get enough of him or his kisses or the feeling of his arms around me. Was I in love with him? If I wasn’t, I definitely wanted to be, and the feeling of wanting to be in love was strange, almost foreign to me. I’d spent most of my adult life running away from that feeling.
He opened his eyes and grasped my hand as it traveled to his chest. He brought my hand to his lips and kissed it softly. Then he leaned forward and kissed my lips again. When we finally parted, it was well past the time for me to return to work.

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Adrienne Thompson has worn many titles in her lifetime–from teenage mother to teenage wife to divorcee to registered nurse to author. This mother of two young adults and one teenager currently resides in Arkansas with her daughter where she writes and publishes her stories full time.
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Enjoy a sneak preview of the Psychological Thriller KILL MARY JANE DOE…

Our Father Who art in heaven . . .
Mary Jane’s eyes popped open.
“Thy kingdom come, Thy will—my God, she’s awake!” A woman with warm eyes smiled and stifled a yawn. Sunlight streamed into the large window and made her appear like a grandmother angel.
“Who are you? Where am I? What—” MJ jumped into a seated position in the twin-size bed. Her shoes were on the floor. She scurried to grab them and noticed Officer Daniels slowly awakening from the rocking chair next to her.
Slipping her feet into the shoes, she ran for the door, before he could get up. ‘I have to get out of here! I have to get away from Daniels.’ She had remembered the first night she’d met Jake. He’d saved her from Beasley. Before falling asleep with pillows wedged between them, he told her not to trust the police–that is if she got away. And he'd told her to most certainly not escape at night.
Her eyes adjusted to the light of day as she scurried downstairs with Daniels calling her name. She headed for the screen door, noticing a white-haired man in overalls. He held a steaming mug of coffee–a potential weapon. Skidding in her boots, Mary Jane did an about-face and ran in the other direction, just as Daniels jumped the last couple of steps. She sprinted down a long hallway toward double doors, as her heels pounded the worn carpet.
Bursting through the doors, she stopped quickly to see Jesus on a cross to her left and rows of pews to her right. Rainbows of sunlight transfixed the sanctuary in an ethereal glow from the long, multicolored glass windows above. Right before her, on the opposite side of the church, was another set of double doors, but she stood transfixed by all the light.
“MJ, wait!” Daniels called.
“Hold it, Mary Jane, we can help,” came an ancient voice that she assumed was the old man’s.
Before she could continue to the opposite side of the church, the doors at the back of the church exploded. Bits and pieces of wood chips soared through the air. In a flash, she remembered Jake’s sidekick Lyle.
Lyle, Beasley, Jake, and five other men entered. They fired shots at Daniels as he ran from the side door. Bullets riddled Jesus; wood splinters broke from the front row of pews. Diving for Mary Jane, Daniels pushed her down at the front pew on the left side of the church. Her knees took it the worst and her chin hit the wood floor. They knelt, glaring at the exit only a yard away, but they couldn’t continue because two men were headed up the sides of the church.
“What in the world?” The bullets stopped as Reverend Tobias shouted, entering the room.
“Well, sir,” came Beasley’s heavy, breathy voice. “All we want is the girl. Mary Jane—”
Tobias cut off his happy banter, “Not in this church—”

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End of the Year Blog Tour!!!

End of the Year Blog Tour Hosted by the Inspirtational Authors of "Just Between Us".

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