Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My interview with A Pilot...who likes to write books and eat at Nando's.

I love interviewing people because I always learn something new. The gentleman I had the pleasure of interviewing recently has big plans for his future and is ready to motivate you about yours. Having already accomplished a great deal, he continues to push forward, making sure we all remember his name. Without further ado, please enjoy my interview with Matthew C Martino who is a film producer and author currently based in London.

Bee: Where are you originally from?

Matthew: I am originally from Zimbabwe in Africa.

Bee: Is this your first published book? 

MatthewGo For It was actually my second book, my first book was a pilots manual named ‘Lets Fly’.

Bee: Are you a full time writer?

MatthewNo, I actually produce films and run my business full time, I enjoy writing and thus I've always made time for it. I find when I'm writing I can be free and use my creative sense.
Bee: Tell me about your book, Let's Fly

MatthewLets Fly is a pilots manual for aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts and it gives an outlook into the aviation industry and provides general flying knowledge in layman terms.

Bee: What do you wish for the reader to take away from it?

Matthew: With Lets Fly I intend for the reader to go away with more knowledge about flying and to know the basics of how a plane gains flight and other aviation terminology. I also hope that someone gets a passion from flying from the book.

Bee: What makes you an expert on flying? 

MatthewI began flying when I was (15) and I've flown various aircraft and helicopters(with an instructor of course). I have also studied JAA & FAA flying theory studies which makes my knowledge on aviation valuable.

Bee: You also have another book available for readers to purchase and experience, called Go For It. It speaks to all the entrepreneurs out there. And C. Martino shares some the highs and lows of being your own boos. It's available on Amazon.
       Who is your favorite author? 

MatthewJ.K. Rowling

Bee: Do you do any public speaking? 

MatthewI don’t do any public speaking frequently. I occasionally get asked to speak at open days for flight schools or at business seminars which I quite enjoy.

Bee: Are you an independent or represented author?

Matthew: I currently have general representation who handle all my activity.

Bee: Advice for new authors? 

MatthewI would advise new authors to send their manuscript to as many publishers as possible so you get a wide range of good advice.

Bee: What is your passion in life? 

MatthewI want to be a successful businessman and be able to advance my educational portfolio to have a PhD in a chosen subject.

Bee:Where do you see yourself in (5) years? 

MatthewI think I see myself in high education studying for my Masters degree and getting ready for my doctorate.

Bee: What's your guilty pleasure? 

MatthewMy guilty pleasure has got to be Nandos.

Bee: If you could have dinner with anyone, living or passed, who would it be and why? 

MatthewI would love to have dinner with Sir Alan Sugar. A few people have told me I’m hard to please and arrogant like he is. I would like to learn a few tips from the man himself.

Bee: What's your #1 do-over?

Matthew: #1 do-over would have to be my GCSE’s. I could have gotten better results than I did in high school.

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academic qualification awarded in a specified subject, generally taken in a number of subjects by students aged 14-16 in secondary education in EnglandWales and Northern Ireland.What's the best advice you've ever received? 

MatthewTo never give up on what I want to achieve.

Bee: Sushi or Steak? 

MatthewSteak all the way.

Bee: Celebrity you'd most like to meet? 

MatthewHe’s not really a celeb but Barack Obama. (Keeping my fingers crossed)

Bee: Favorite movie? 

Matthew: Its always got to be Pretty Woman, a good mixture of business and pleasure in that film.

Bee: Many thanks to C. Martino for taking the time to share some of his passions in life. I wish you continued success and happiness.

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