Friday, November 13, 2015

Let's Go...again

Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet....My bad. I'm listening to Adeles'  new song!
And if you haven't heard it,,,well, yeah it's pretty awesome.
Really though, Hello again.
It's been a minute since I've posted and I can honestly say that I've missed this. The ability to express yourself and share how you feel about certain things can be an freeing experience. Why have I been away so long? Because life requested me to be in 5 different places at the same time and blogging didn't fit into any of those places. Working a job for 12 hours a day can drain the most determined soul.

Add to that a 4 year old with the energy level of a rabid tiger, plus a 15 year old who is trying to find herself and you have a recipe that equals drainage of epic proportions--oh yeah, and still trying to finish City of the Guardians: Introducing Eric Honor as well.

I'm not saying being super woman is impossible, I'm just saying it's not easy. But then again, what is? Anything worth having is worth fighting for and so I made myself sit down in the quiet of night and slumber to write these few pieces of advice for people who have dreams but a short amount of time to work on them. This is for the souls who long to be what they yearn to be but can't seem to grasp that thing that will lead them to their destiny.

I am taking time out my crazy schedule to tell you not to give up! No matter how many times you run into the proverbial brick wall, get back up, dust that stuff off and get back in the game. Under no circumstance can you give up. For if you give in to the hardness, that life is sure to bring, you will never know what greatness lies before you. Please allow me to give you an example.

    J.K. Rowling....I know many of you have heard of this author. And I know many of you may know of her back story. But I'm going to break it down a little bit further for you. J.K. Rowling was on welfare, a single parent, and depressed.

If you are on welfare, that means you don't have enough money to buy food for yourself or your family. It means that the state is giving you a certain amount of money or food every month so that you don't starve. It means that you aren't doing well financially. It means that when you go to sleep at night you worry about how and when things are going to get better. It makes you question all the decisions you've ever made in your life and ponder the idea of, 'why me.'

She was also a single mother. This means she was doing 90% or more of the work that it takes to raise a child. Bathing, playing, feeding, clothing and making sure the child is yourself basically. Anyone who has a child/ren with two parents in the house can attest to the difficulty of raising them, so try to imagine being by oneself. It can be draining and at times defeating. It's makes you question life on the best of days and wonder if you are capable of giving the child/ren what they need to be a productive member of society.

She was also depressed. This is the one that makes me know that if she was able to realize her dream, we all can do the same. Depression is a very real situation. The feeling of defeat is one that can hold you in the corner of nothingness with the grip of Sampson. Having experienced this, I know how serious it can be. The fact that she fought through all that stuff, all that uncontrollable mess, all that life, lets me know that the possible is there.

We have to hold steadfast to the belief that we were created to win. There has to be the slightest bit of hope. It doesn't have to be a big a mountain. It doesn't have to sing from the Eiffel Tower. It just has to be a glimmer. And we have to keep our eye on it. The desire to be successful in the thing that you were created to do, will keep you close to the flame. Close enough to keep it lit. Take that little flicker and blow it. Blow it until it is a roaring flame and then maintain it. Your desires and aspirations are given to you for a reason. Don't allow the world to tell you differently. Don't allow failure to decide your future and take away the thing that you desire most. Everyone is going to fail at some point or another.

The people who proclaim to be the perfect specimen is the perfect lie. They, too, fail. We all do. The difference between the people who go on to succeed in their destiny and those that don't, is the single fact that the successful people got back up after being knocked down. If you've never hit the dirt before, just be patient. It's impossible to experience the gratification of success without the realization of failure. Failure is the thing that should drive you to succeed. The thing that keeps you up writing or thinking or planning on how you will win.

If you give up now, just know that tomorrow's regrets will be ready to greet you in years to come. They will remind you of what could have been and what should have been. Reject the thought of not getting back up! If you don't believe me, just try and see what happens...
Bee Encouraged!

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