Monday, April 29, 2013

Unfathomable & :(

    As I was sitting in front of my laptop, trying to decide which topic to talk about, my son began crying for his baba (bottle). It was about an hour before his bedtime so I told him if you get the baba, you have to go night-night. Not sure if he really understood but I fixed his baba and sent him to his bedroom. The next hour and a half was spent telling him to go back to bed, No, you can't come out of your room, you wanna sleep in mama's bed and so on.

   Well, he wanted none of the above.

   So, I decide to put the gate up in the hallway and leave his door open while my door stayed shut, I turned the lights down in the house, T.V. is off and all is quiet, except lil man.

{And I forgot to tell you I have a splitting headache because I have a head cold, runny nose, sneezes and am exhausted. All of which is multiplied by 10 when you have a 20 month old screaming. }

   After deciding that he had won this battle, I let the gate down and allowed him to come into the living room to sit down on the couch, he had his blanky in tow. He curled up in the corner of the couch where I always sit, pulled his blankey over him and went to sleep; allowing me to write this blog post.

   The entire time he was crying I was thinking to myself, I wish he would stop crying. Why wont he just go to sleep? What's wrong with him? Is he hurting, he must not be tired, how much longer is he going to scream like this? I know my neighbors can hear him, I'll apologize tomorrow.

Before I let the gate down and allowed him to come into the living room, I thought to myself again, "Is it times like this that make parents harm their children, at what point does it become too much to handle?"
When do they start rationalizing the decision to do whatever it takes to make them stop crying?

At what point do they lose it?

   I believe in disciplinary actions, time out,spanking, etc.,I am also aware that there is a difference between providing discipline and not being able to handle the unbelievable octaves kids can reach when crying.

   I was frustrated, sick, tired, weary but it never crossed my mind to hurt my child, I don't know where that comes from (the ability to hurt the very thing you created inside you). It is unfathomable. It's unthinkable. I don't understand it and don't desire to.

   But someone has to, there have to be people who can help the parents who feel they are at their wits ends. The ones who just need a break, the ones who don't know what to do. The ones who need 30 mins of silence and rest. No bottles, do diapers, no clean ups, no questions, no decisions, no nothing. Just silence........

   If you know someone who might need this, and you are able, give them a break, give them a chance to breath, to take a walk, to get a nap. If you knew your actions might save a babies life, wouldn't you do it. Of course you would, so don't let the old adage, "If I had of known" be something that you say one day.


Call a help line. Most States have help lines for parents. Childhelp® runs a national 24-hour hotline (1.800.4.A.CHILD) for parents who need help or parenting advice.

Just a Thought.........................

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Greetings and Salutations!!!

I just finished watching Scandal...and once again, they delivered. The writer, Mrs Shonda, is amazing. She has America's pulse on speed dial!

I didn't watch it Live because I have to have peace and quiet in the house before I can fully appreciate the work the Gladiators do. So once I got Mr. Jaxon his blankey, pillow (it was in my bed, his second bed), and his ba ba, he was good to go and off to the races.

I poured me a glass of wine and settled down on my couch to witness history.

History, oh yeah, History baby. This is one of the most intriguing, tantalizing shows on right now. I mean, think about it, we have a powerful black woman in Love with the most powerful man in the world. And then we have a white man in Love with one the most powerful women in the world. They can both hold their own, they are both passionate about what they do and with that you have a power couple. The drawback......HE'S MARRIED! did that happen. But that's the magical part, we all know that it's wrong, so why are we rooting for Olivia and Fitch to make it?

Why do we want to see The President of the United States of America get a divorce from his wife and marry Olivia?

Hmmmm, is it because Millie is miserable and evil?
Is it because we can see their love for each other?
Is it because we can relate to the Passion, Lust, Excitement they have for each other?
Does Marriage still hold the weight of importance that it used to?
Do the vows mean anything anymore?
*(Future Blog Post on This Subject)*

I'm not sure, but I love watching this show...I love seeing the poise that Olivia and her team display, I love the fact that they all know they are not perfect but have developed a craft that is now their passion. They are good at what they do because it is their passion to help, to save, to fix.

This show has the potential to be one of the best in history. The possibilities are endless. Now, the next question is how long before they request the "CONTRACT NEGOTIATION"?

They deserve every penny, when the time comes.

Last but not least, is Scandal making it more acceptable for white men to now date and marry black women?

Just a Thought..............................................

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Should I?

Okay Friends,

I'm thinking about doing something BOLD.....something I've never done before...
I am thinking....about..doing a radio show. I am bubbling with excitement..the things I could talk about, the people I could interview, all the homo sapiens I could!

The possibilities are numerous..are there any cons to this?

Let me know what you think?

Just a Thought.....

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mocha Mob Rules!!!!!!!

Helllooooo, Hellllo, Hello!

I had an amazing experience today, I was a guest on Mocha Mobs affiliated with
The show comes on at 11:00 a.m. every Monday morning.

My daughter went with me because I wanted her be a part of this event. I was excited and so was she. Not sure how much of that had to do with her not having to go to school. I know, I know, why would I let her miss school just to go with me to a radio interview?

My answer  (and I don't mind sharing): I have been laboring and birthing this book for close to a year. And the entire time she was right there. She has read and helped edit every chapter. She has said what makes her heart move, what makes her sad and what excites her. She has encouraged me when I felt like quitting. When I couldn't see the end, she would say "Write mama". And so I wrote.

I felt she deserved to experience this with me and I'm glad I chose to let her come.

Now that we have that cleared up,,,the Mocha Mobs are Off the Chain!!!!!
Imagine this, 3 Divas, 3 Mommy's, 3 Strong Women, 3 Beautiful Souls...In 1 room!
And get this, none of them were Sadity..yeah, means the same thing as up)
They all exuded acceptance and there was an abundance of openness to something different, something they hadn't heard of before. They all listened to me, Mrs. Toni, Mrs Pearl, and Mrs Cheryl. I felt happy and comfortable..It felt right..

I didn't know exactly what to expect, so I was a little nervous...made a couple of mistakes, for instance I said my book was non-fiction when it is really fiction. I also made an incorrect reference to the Bible. Nothing too big but I noticed it after listening to the show once I got home. Oh yeah I listened to it, had to hear what I sounded like on the times..great moments..amazing experiences!

So excited......still........hope this feeling never goes away..

Just a Thought......

Sunday, April 21, 2013



Tomorrow morning I will be on the Radio..X..Ci..TED!
Go to at 11:00 a.m.

I'm ready to go on air right now!
I have to take a breath (inhaling and exhaling slowly).....I have to take a step back and give Him all the praises and appreciation. He can make awesome things happen in your life if you can be patient enough to wait on Him. It's not always easy, trust and believe I know this. We are an impatient society and want things right now, now, now, now....I am still learning and trying to get better in that area. I am trying to slow down and allow things to come as they are supposed to.

I walk to the store sometimes, instead of driving and it allows me to see things differently, to appreciate having a car for one and also to realize how blessed I truly am.

I warm things up in the stove instead of using the microwave, sometimes.

I raise my own chickens and use their eggs for my family's breakfast...naw, I'm playing...(smile)

Seriously though, I don't think it's a bad idea to slow down a little bit, breath, look around, speak to somebody and look them in the eye. And genuinely wait to hear their answer...

Just a Thought.....

Let's get started

I have been working on my book for about 10 months, this is my first time ever writing a novel. For as long as I can remember, I have loved writing...why I ran from it for so long is still a mystery. I had other ideas of what I should be and forgot about my passion. I forgot about the thing that comes naturally to me. I dismissed the idea of making writing my career, just figured it was something to do on the side. But then this amazing thing happened.

I began writing this story about 4 years ago, only jotted down 3 pages in a notebook and then my younger brother asked me to use that notebook. I said okay and forgot about the story. Well, he moved several times over the next 3 years. And then one day he called me and said "Bee, when are you going to finish the story?"
I said "What story?"

And then he read the pages I had written over 3 years ago. A flood of nostalgia and ideas for characters overwhelmed me...and I began to write the story again.

Note: What usually happens when you move a lot? Answer: You always lose things or misplace them or accidentally throw them away.

I believe it is remarkable that he never lost that notebook, and I believe God allowed this in order for me to complete what I had started. It is an amazing story, and I can't wait to share some of it with you (While I search for an Agent).

Can't give too much of it away....I want you to take the journey with me and others when the book is published. I will post excerpts in upcoming post.

Living, doing and breathing your passion or gift/talent is great, and keeps getting better..

Just a Thought


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feeling Guilty :(

I have been thinking about an earlier Post.."The Lies"...I don't want to be misunderstood...I am probably one of the most optimistic people in the WOOORrrrlldddd.
It may have sounded like I am pessimistic but I am just the opposite.

But I believe we buy into what is fed to us. (spoon fed,,,if we read it, see it on the news or hear it)

I told my daughter there was no Santa Clause when she was old enough to understand.(2 years old)

Mya: Mommy is there a Santa Clause?
Me: No

Some people don't agree with me telling her that, they say I stole her joy away, they say I should have let her be a kid. I say...we tell our children not to lie!!!!

And then we lie...really...I don't agree with that. She is fine today,,she hasn't started drinking or doing drugs b/c Santa doesn't exist. She doesn't draw his name on her walls in blood and she hasn't created any pressure cooker bombs.

She is still finding her way, but I find peace and relief in knowing that I didn't start our relationship off with a lie.

Just a Thought....


FYI: My daughter just informed me I was posting the titles of my blogs in the wrong area...she said "Mama, you know there's a space for you to put your titles, right?"
I was just like "Oh okay" lol

Anyway: I was thinking, why do we lie to our children at such a young age?
For example, haven't you always heard, "Baby, you can be anything you want to be"?

Well, that's not necessarily true. I can't become the President of the United States, or a player in the WNBA, not now or even when I was young. I wasn't a good athelete because I didn't have the athelete build to be one. And I couldn't have become The President of the United States because I was boy-crazy.

With that being said, you can be whatever you are supposed to be. Everyone has a gift, a talent. You just have to figure out what it is. And then pursue it with a passion. President Obama is president because that is what he was destined to do. Whitney Houston was an award winning songstress because that is what she was meant to be.

I ask my daughter what she wants to be when she grows up and she tells me. I then tell her that she will be wonderful at it, if that's what your passion is. Her desires have changed over the years, from firefighter, to teacher, to actress, and even CEO of Apple Inc. (she had a thing for Steve Jobs)

All in all, her passion will be exposed and then she will be what she was meant to be.

Just a thought........

(Edited by Camille :) xx)
Good Morning (Central Standard Time)

There's a question I have been asking with myself....Whether to be Politically Correct or Say exactly what's on my mind. Do I bare my soul and reveal my inner most thoughts about the subjects I choose to discuss?

It is never my intention to insult or harm with my words but at the same time if I am to be true to myself and this blog I must say what I feel.

We all have differing opinions and that is Ooookay. No love lost...Everyone's entitled, right.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure you're wondering about the title of my blog: My Book...Hopefully you will journey with me while I complete it. 35 chapters down, 5 more to go....It's entitled "The City of the Guardians: Introduing Alex Honor"
The genre is a mixture of Literary Fiction, Adventure, and so so much more.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston, Boston, Bos STuned


I truely feel sorrowful for all the loss that Bostonians have experienced this past week.

What I have been drop mouthed about though is the following statement that I have heard repeatedly:"He was a good kid", "He didn't seem like he would do anything like this","He was an all American kid", ect.

Time and time again ppl seemed to get fooled by the person in front of them. NEWS FLASH...ppl show you the person they WANT you to know.

It's not like he was going to come out and say, "Hey, I hate Americans and don't understand them. I am planning on blowing up as many as I can"

(Duh Face) No, it takes a while to learn somebody and even then they can pull the rug from underneath you.

Sad but not Surprised.....TB
My 12 y/o daughter is literate in all things electronic, she has had a twitter account for at least a year and I never gave it a second thought. Other than when I was checking her page out :) Oh yeah, I snooped and have no regrets. Turns out, she's a really good kid..not perfect but I am proud to call her my daughter.
Moving on..
Me-"Uh, what does the connect button do?"
ok "And the envelope is for what"
"And how do i direct msg someone again?"
"Why do I have to put the @ sign, and will they see it"
"How do I get followers?"
I see.....
Me-"Lets take a break" lol
Okay, I've done some more research on blogging...because...I'm new at this. As humans I think we are hesitant to change...Why,,,maybe b/c we r comfortable with the known...and...uncomfortable with the unknown...not knowing what lies ahead can be scary, it can also be exhilerating.
Anyway...I found out that you blog about whatever suits your fancy..whatever is on your mind...WOW..This is going to get good.

First Topic: Why my 12 y/o daughter had to teach me how to navigate Twitter :)
Well, after reading and reading and taking the advice of some friends, I am starting a BLOG. I hear this is most important b/c of the need for our electrical devices :)
Get ready for a wonderful ride. smooches and strawberries!